Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zelda Poem

“A hero of time”
A link to the future
Tis nostalgia for a dreamer
You awake, the world begins.

Hey listen, hey listen, hey listen.
A bespoken savior,
A courageous mute.
He just and he groans.

Wooded protector,
A spider connector.
Bombing a mountain with fire,
A monstrous fishes desires
To eat and to feast
As he saves a princess from the beast.

Lost in a gentle wood,
With a melodious guide.
Leaving his innocent past,
Master of swords at last.

A ghost in disguise
A forest of sins.
A people forgotten,
They never give in.

The fire ever burning,
True Gorons don't cry.
A namesake of legend,
This dragon, he dies.

A lesson in patience
A hatred for life.
Iron will weighing heavy
Double trouble besides.

Shadow eyes
Oh so draining,
In it's truth we might die.
This deserted prison
Of our enemy's hide.

Courage, Wisdom and Strength
Dark or Light
Only you can decide.

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